Monday, March 21, 2016

I was not meant to create a thing in SL

thousands of Lindens spent already on templates and textures, oh and all the other stuff bought to create/build and get myself a little hobby for second life and nothing.
Guess I was only meant to spend lindens and not make it...

I used to go to Builders Brewery and took some lessons, but that was like a million years ago, sl time, but since RL took over and SL became a bit monotonous I was in and out for a while.  Been trying to make a small comeback but I really want to do more than to change clothes, decorate, spend Lindens, and feed babies.

I am not giving up yet.  There's gotta be something I can do.

When it comes to marketing, giving ideas, party planning, and decorating I have to say that I am gifted, I have a great eye for it.  I should stick to what I know but I love to broaden my horizons, learn new things and extend my knowledge, one never knows how and when they will come in handy.
RL wise I can say I am a woman of many trades (with the exception of baking cookies), and would like to take that into my SL.

Lets see what happens....

I really take my hat off to all those fabulous and creative people out there who have the ability to build/make all the wonderful gadgets, styles, and homes we see and use in SL everyday.

Thank you all for making SL a wonderful and beautiful experience.

From SL to RL

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Pregnancy photo shoot - Mac is having a girl!

doing a bit of photography
always enjoyed doing photo shoots and she loves getting her pics taken, perfect!


Saturday, February 20, 2016

Decorating Mac's store - Lil' Puddin Heads

My friend makes bedding and I have to say, not because she is a friend but she makes the bestest!!
Great details, and amazing customer service, be careful she is a chatty one.

You can tell a bit of the difference from the time she began making it until now...I am a fan of her work, and she continues to grow each day, and so does her store.
Making many changes as she goes along and improving other things.

We just finished decorating the stores and rearranging a bit.  The beautiful things found in Marketplace to make this little store kid friendly made me extremely happy and made the creativity just burst!

of course when working with a few prims one has to actually to cut down and make certain and drastic decisions of what to leave out that will catch the eye of the customer, anyone walking by or caming through.

Please come in, look around.  They are better than the ones at zooby which are 300L compare to the ones sold at her store which are 150L 

The beddings are sooo cute!!

This one although sold at the store was made for me :)
love the colors! 
she is going to make another one and make a few changes to it, I love options, you guys know that!

when the baby is in bed it turns into a different color, for this bedding, for others they have a saying and/or, well, different things depending on the theme, when and if you purchase one you will see what I mean.

You can also give her the texture and she can make you the bedding as well.  and it wont cost you extra either.

And below we have a few pictures of Lil' Puddin Heads <----freaking name is adorable too! haha.  She is thinking of making some clothes too which I also believe is a wonderful idea.  You go girl!
keep at it!
we are proud of you and your work!

 Look at this beauties!!! from frozen, and 5 prims each!! and check out the "I am a happy snow man bedding" Olaf is featured on it!
I think it is one of the best ones, the colors wowowowwow!!

I've been having kids in SL since 2009 and buying bedding since then just about...and by far this is the only place i do my shopping, again, not because she is a friend but the details that are on each of them and how excited she gets when making the patterns and texture.
it is a total joy!

wishing her much success which we know she will have!
best wishes!
Directions to her store in world

from SL 

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


one of the perks of roleplaying to me is the fashion involved.
I love my fae days

remembering the days when we met

from SL to RL

my Anime AV

of course she is a red head...

Friday, February 12, 2016

50 Linden Friday

As if one needs any excuse to go out every friday on a shopping spree buying things that we probably will never use, and make our inventory comes 50L friday!

I have to tell you, the person who invented this *bows to you* great job!!
Not only do I get to go SIM hopping, but I also get to see a lot of stores I never heard of before, the beautiful creations, and the quality of their products

for example...

awesome shoes, bought them at "REIGN
Great store! great creations, I also go there on Saturday for 50-75 Linden Saturday.

the Denim jumper and knitted tee was from NYU (couldn't find the facebook URL this is the marketplace store)
the jumper looks great and very real, the details on it really captured my attention, I love her work.

i do not purchase in every stop, some of the objects that are sold will not be of any use to me, but i do take the opportunity to look around, see what other things they have at their store, I sometimes end up buying things not even related to 50 Linden Friday.  the stores joining are very smart for doing this, it is great marketing for them.

exploring is one of my things, when i go to this sims to buy i also stick around and explore a bit, one of them became my favorite place, I looove going to that SIM, "Apple Fall"
I have some stuff from that store but never actually been to the SIM itself and wow!..
{What Next} was on the list about a week or two ago, another one of my favorite stores.

they had this bookcase, you can either have it with the decorations or without them to add your own (the decoration on top of the bookcase is not included)

some stores give you several options, What Next had this and i can't recall what else.  Belleza had two different skins today.

The list caters to everyone, i love the variety, from poses, furniture, to plush toys, ehehe.
also the list i noticed to be growing, great stores too!

A job well done!

Thursday, May 21, 2015


Almost 3 years since I was able to log her in, could not remember my pw for the life of me...didn't give up.

Once in a while i would try login her in, and nothing, but several weeks ago I tried once more and it worked, I guess it was meant for me to do it now.

Everything still the same
Same owner for all her gadgets, outdated clothes and hair
But she still looks hot
Oldie but goody

Can't wait to be able to log in more regular!

From SL to RL

Friday, March 13, 2015

Back in action

Master is back and I am working my way in as well.

My Master has been teaching my BF, irl and isl, the ways of Gor and role play and so grateful for his patience and understanding.
We are so lucky to have him

Since my little head is all over the place I have been scared to engage in RP but this weekend I will dedicate a few hours to get involved in our new home and RP.

It is great to have Master back and I do hope he stays around although my Master goes through phases on what he is into at the moment.

Gorean life fits both of us well and it really comes very natural to me, I just hope the rp goes well, boy am I rusty, still saying it, a bit nervous

But we will se how it goes